The main problem associated with EIFS is its propensity for moisture penetration. This occurs because EIFS relies on a perfect seal between the exterior surfaces. Since a “perfect seal” is hardly ever achieved, moisture often gets trapped inside the system. Water can enter the system where seams and seals fail, where moisture travels from inside the building, and where openings (doors, windows, rooflines, etc.) are present.

Water trapped behind EIFS cannot dry out quickly enough to prevent exterior structural damage and water leakage to the interior. Limited drying potential in combination with water leakage can lead to moisture buildup inside the wall, and eventually cause mold growth and structural decay. Damage can become unexpectedly serious because most damage is generally hidden from view.

Does Your Warranty Help You?

Most major EIFS manufacturers offer warranties on their products ranging from 5 to 10 years, as long as their documented installation practices are followed. Deviation from industry standard installation guidelines is considered to be the biggest reason for EIFS problems. Shortcuts that deviate from proper installation practices are common and many EIFS installers are not trained in its installation. Installers who have not followed the manufacturers’ installation guidelines have voided the manufacturers’ warranty.

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