Regardless of your desire to invest in EISF removal, any EIFS cladded structure should undergo an EIFS inspection as soon as possible. Our consultant can inspect the property, determine any structural problems that have already been caused by EIFS, and walk you through the steps to solving any damage or potential issues.

If you live in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania, and you have not had an EIFS maintenance inspection in the last year, call us today. We have references and pictures to demonstrate our expertise upon your request, and any questions that you may have about EIFS can be answered during this initial inspection.

Who Needs an EIFS Inspection?

If you are considering...

  • Buying a property with EIFS installation. (Most insurance companies do not give out new policies to EIFS cladded buildings.)
  • Taking legal action for EIFS construction defects

If your EIFS cladded building has...

  • Moldy odor inside
  • Stains on or around windows, doors, etc.
  • Cracks around windows
  • Cracks in the EIFS on walls with no windows
  • Water penetration problems

Thinking about applying EIFS to your building?

We hope not, but some contractors are still installing EIFS despite the associated risks. EIFS may cost less to install, but the headaches and overall maintenance that might be required in the future should keep you away from the process. For a comparable exterior, consider hard coat stucco, traditional stucco, or siding.

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