Hard coat stucco is a popular modification of more traditional three-coat cement stucco. At only a slightly higher price, its modernized formula creates the same traditional stucco appearance with added strength and durability. Any homeowner looking for a modern, maintenance-free home exterior, should keep hard coat stucco on the list of possibilities. If you’re a homeowner in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania and you’re interested in hard coat stucco, call us today!

Hard coat stucco is composed of two fiber-reinforced plaster coats and one acrylic color finish coat. Please note that the process of hardcoat stucco is a bit longer than our other services. When the first 2 coats are applied, they need to cure for about 14 days before the final acrylic coat is applied.  However, during that time any kind of EPS molding will be installed and finished.  A variety of moldings are available to inject personality into your home’s new exterior. To create the perfect look, you can either have moldings installed onsite by our craftsmen, or we can order custom moldings from one of our suppliers.

  • Uniform and maintenance-free
  • Unlimited palette of finish colors to choose from
  • Abuse, impact and fire-resistant
  • Never needs to be painted or stained
  • Endures wet/dry and freeze/thaw cycles
  • Withstands extreme desert heat
  • Limited avenues for extensive creativity
  • Less natural appearance than brick or stone
  • Limited avenues for extensive creativity
  • Less natural appearance than brick or stone

All products installed by Tri-State Brickface & Stucco are maintenance-free. However, if you want to maintain an absolutely pristine appearance, you may want to occasionally perform basic cleaning to keep the dirt and dust away.

  • Maintenance Tip #1:  Power wash your exterior finished product to remove any dirt, dust, etc. Power washing is typically only needed every few years, depending on your surrounding environment and your personal definition of dirty.
  • Maintenance Tip #2:  Clean your window sills. If your window sills are dirty, dirt marks may show on the bottom portions of your stucco/molding. This can occur when rain drips into the window sill, and then runs down your exterior.
  • Maintenance Tip #3:  Either have your gutters cleaned or install gutter screens to prevent buildup. If your gutters build up with debris, water can seep behind the exterior facade and cause structural problems.

If you’re a homeowner in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, or Pennsylvania and you’re interested in brickface, call us today.

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