Once you’ve chosen the style and color of stone veneer that is right for your home, our craftsmen will begin installation of your new veneer. The manufacturer casts each concrete-based stone from individual molds of different shapes and sizes. Molds are shaped from real, hand-picked rocks to produce an authentic, random appearance. Generally, the stone pieces are about two inches thick and are formed in flat and corner pieces.

Three-Step Installation:

  • Step One: After the galvanized metal lath is installed, the first coat is trowelled, allowed to set, then “scratched.” This is referred to as the scratch coat.
  • Step Two: Each stone will be bonded to your home’s exterior with cement, stacked the way bricks walls are typically structured. The corner stones will be installed first, followed by the flats.
  • Step Three: Grout is applied as needed using a finish mortar that protects the stone. A variety of mortar colors are available to match any installation.

Want to see our past work?  Click here to view our Manufactured Stone Veneer Showcase!

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