Once you’ve decided to improve your home’s exterior with brickface siding, our team will help you choose the perfect color, texture and design for your unique home. You’ll choose a color for the joint of the brick, then a color for the brick, and then two to four colors for the brick’s final spot coloring. We’ll then create your custom brickface and begin installation.

Three-Step Installation

Step One: After the galvanized metal lath is installed, the first mortar coat is hand-trowelled, allowed to set slightly, then scratched. This creates what is known as the “scratch coat.

Step Two: The joint coat is applied on top of the first mortar coat, and is also allowed to set slightly. This joint coat can be colored to enhance the appearance of your final color-infused coat.

Step Three: The final color-infused coat is meticulously hand-shaped, textured and applied over the joint coat. Once the final coat has set, it is scored to reveal the joint coat, creating your custom brickface design. Any final color(s) can be spotted or rolled on with a brush, roller brush or sponge. These colors do not rust, fade or wash off.

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