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If your home was built in the last 30 years, you may have EIFS stucco or an incorrectly installed stucco system. Our experts are sharing the most common signs that you will need at least an inspection to determine if your Stucco needs to be replaced.

1. You have EIFS Stucco Installed

In construction, EIFS Stucco has a well-known reputation as a troubled product that plagues homeowners across the country. This low-cost and easy to install solution was the choice of builders for many years. Although EIFS presents the image of traditional stucco, it is essentially a multi-layered wall system that contains separate elements including the insulation board (foam), a reinforcing fiber mesh, base coating, and a finish coating. EIFS became very popular due to its low cost, design flexibility and ease of installation. With time, customers began to recognize the now well-known severe risks associated with EIFS, including wood rot, water infiltration, mold and other structural decay.

2. Wide Cracking in Specific Areas

Do you have wide cracks around windows or on walls without windows? This is one of the main signs that your stucco installation is failing. If it's EIFS Stucco, most likely it will be the indicator of a much larger issue. At a minimum, get your cracks inspected by the Tri-State Brickface & Stucco professionals. Initially, you can even just send some detailed photos through our contact form and we can let you know if they are anything to worry about.

3. Visible Staining in Specific Areas

Are you starting to see staining around windows, doors or moulding? This is a common sign of stucco failure. This could be a simple repair, or something much larger. You should have any problem areas inspected immediately to avoid a costly mistake.

4. Moldy Smell Indoors

If you're having water infiltration issues, you will start experiencing some recognizable signs. One is a moldy smell inside your home near the problematic area. Sometimes water will find its way inside your home through a cracked or failing stucco wall and create thousands of dollars in damage, as well as the need to replace the stucco. One way to prevent or minimize damage is to have this inspected as soon as possible.

5. Leaking Windows

If windows located on a stucco wall are leaking, the stucco may be failing and need to be replaced. Additionally (and hopefully) it could be something more simple like caulking or repairable cracks. See where the water is coming in through and have it inspected by our professionals, then decide the best remedy.

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