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Prevent structural issues, before they happen.

If you have EIFS installed on your property, we recommend seriously considering EIFS removal before structural problems either arise or worsen.

EIFS Removal NJ


What is EIFS?

EIFS is an insulating, ornamental, and protective finish system for exterior walls that can be installed on virtually any type of residential or commercial construction. Although EIFS presents the image of traditional stucco, it is essentially a multi-layered wall system that contains separate elements including the insulation board (foam), a reinforcing fiber mesh, base coating, and a finish coating. EIFS became very popular due to its low cost, design flexibility and ease of installation. With time, customers began to recognize the now well-known severe risks associated with EIFS, including wood rot, water infiltration, mold and other structural decay.

What are the problems with EIFS?

The main problem associated with EIFS is its propensity for moisture penetration. This occurs because EIFS relies on a perfect seal between the exterior surfaces. Since a “perfect seal” is hardly ever achieved, moisture often gets trapped inside the system. Water can enter the system where seams and seals fail, where moisture travels from inside the building, and where openings (doors, windows, rooflines, etc.) are present.

Water trapped behind EIFS cannot dry out quickly enough to prevent exterior structural damage and water leakage to the interior. Limited drying potential in combination with water leakage can lead to moisture buildup inside the wall, and eventually cause mold growth and structural decay. Damage can become unexpectedly serious because most damage is generally hidden from view.

Although installation standards were eventually amended to prevent these problems, older buildings throughout the United States still have original EIFS cladding and remain at risk for significant property damage. If you have EIFS installed on your property, we recommend seriously considering EIFS removal before structural problems either arise or worsen.

Does Your Warranty Help You?

Most major EIFS manufacturers offer warranties on their products ranging from 5 to 10 years, as long as their documented installation practices are followed. Deviation from industry-standard installation guidelines is considered to be the biggest reason for EIFS problems. Shortcuts that deviate from proper installation practices are common and many EIFS installers are not trained in its installation. Installers who have not followed the manufacturers’ installation guidelines have voided the manufacturers’ warranty.

Who Needs an EIFS Inspection?

If you are considering...

  • Buying a property with EIFS installation. (Most insurance companies do not give out new policies to EIFS cladded buildings.)
  • Taking legal action for EIFS construction defects

If your EIFS cladded building has...

  • Moldy odor inside
  • Stains on or around windows, doors, etc.
  • Cracks around windows
  • Cracks in the EIFS on walls with no windows
  • Water penetration problems
EIFS Removal in New Jersey


Removing & Replacing EIFS Stucco

Our EIFS removal process leaves your property with a new, guaranteed exterior.

  • Professional visual and moisture inspection
  • Assessment and plan of action (if required)
  • Suggestions for exterior renovation and costs
  • Safe removal of EIFS & Installation of new exterior

Are you buying a property with EIFS stucco? Talk to your inspector and make sure you are not inheriting a problematic installation.

Are you ready to remove and replace the EIFS Stucco on your home?

If your home is showing signs of deterioration or any of the problem areas we have mentioned, you should plan inspection to see if you need to replace your exterior. If you’re a home owner and you’re interested in EIFS removal and replacement, call us today!

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