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The look of a real brick exterior without the cost.

We offer several different exteriors, with stucco and brickface being the most popular. Additionally, we can add stonework to any design.

Commercial Brickface NY


What is Brickface?

Brickface is a masonry application that creates the look of real brick. The possibilities are endless. With 18 basic colors, we can create almost any color and even match existing brick. Brickface can be installed over wooden surfaces, real brick, cinder block, or any other surface on which a galvanized metal lath can be installed. The finished installation is attached to the metal lath and composed of a cement-like base, followed by a mortar coat, and finished with a color-infused mortar coat finish. To create your custom brickface, plaster sands (Portland, Masonry Type N, and white) are mixed with Iron Oxide Pigments at the job site.

What are the benefits of Brickface?

  • Uniform and maintenance-free

  • Unlimited palette of finish colors to choose from

  • Abuse, impact, weather and fire-resistant

  • Never needs to be painted or stained

  • Endures wet/dry and freeze/thaw cycles

Things to consider when choosing Brickface

  • Limited avenues for extensive creativity
  • Less natural appearance than brick or stone
Commercial Brickface NJ

The Brickface Installation Process

Step One

After the galvanized metal lath is installed, the first mortar coat is hand-trowelled, allowed to set slightly, then scratched. This creates what is known as the “scratch coat.

Step Two

The joint coat is applied on top of the first mortar coat and is also allowed to set slightly. This joint coat can be colored to enhance the appearance of your final color-infused coat.

Step Three

The final color-infused coat is meticulously hand-shaped, textured and applied over the joint coat. Once the final coat has set, it is scored to reveal the joint coat, creating your custom brick design. Any final color(s) can be spotted or rolled on with a brush, roller or sponge. These colors do not rust, fade or wash off.

Have you seen our completed projects?

We have completed 100's of commercial brickface projects, click below to see some of recent photos.

Are you ready to remodel your exterior to brickface?

If your commercial building needs a low-cost, new exterior surface that stays beautiful with minimal maintenance, brickface may be the perfect solution. It creates the indistinguishable appearance of real brick without the high cost, giving your business an elegant, affordable and even energy-efficient upgrade that can enhance curb appeal from miles away. If you’re a business owner and you’re interested in brickface, call us today!

"My wife & I were absolutely blown away by the stucco job Tri-State did on our home. Pat, his dad, brother, and the whole crew treated us as if we were part of their family from beginning to end."