Hard coat stucco presents an EIFS stucco appearance, without the need to apply styrofoam directly on the masonry or wooden frame surface. Hard coat stucco is available in a variety of colors and textures. Our expert installers will finish the job within two to three business days, ensuring a quality new exterior with minimal disruption to any ongoing operations.

Six-Step Installation:

  • Step One: We first install a weather barrier to protect your walls from air and moisture. For existing wooden structures, we use two layers of #15 black felt paper. Other comparable weather-barriers can be used and installed for any existing home exterior.
  • Step Two: The galvanized metal lath is installed over the weather barrier. During this procedure, corner beads, expansion joints, weep screeds, and kick-out flashing is installed where necessary. On wooden structures, the metal lath is secured using 16 gauge 3/4 paslode staples. On concrete structures, it is secured with galvanized concrete pins.
  • Step Three: The first coat of cement is trowelled, allowed to set, then “scratched.”  This is referred to as the scratch coat.
  • Step Four: The second application of cement is applied evenly throughout each wall, and then floated for a smooth finish. The first two coats of cement are allowed to dry for 10-14 days, depending on weather conditions. The third and final coat is then applied and trowelled according to your desired texture and pattern.
  • Step Five: After all three cement coats are applied, detailed moldings are installed. Moldings are created from eps foam and are installed on corners, windows, doors, underneath soffits, and any other necessary areas. You can choose from a variety of packages of trim, including standard moldings or custom cut shapes.
  • Step Six: Our final procedure is the hand-application of the acrylic stucco finish. If necessary, a stucco primer may be applied as well. Stucco finish colors are chosen from color charts or may be matched to existing stucco colors.

Want to see our past work?  Click here to view our Hard Coat Stucco Showcase!

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