Our expert team at Tri-State Brickface & Stucco can help you select the perfect style of siding, trim and finish to bring out the charm of your New Jersey, Pennsylvania or New York home. Siding is an outer covering or cladding that easily sheds water to protect homes from the effects of weather. Any home can benefit from siding’s aesthetic beauty and direct influence on property value. If you’re a homeowner in the Tri-State area and you’re interested in siding, call us today!

Siding is any material aside from brick, stucco or stone that clads, covers, or protects the exterior walls of a home. The finished installation typically resembles shingles on a roof. Siding can be attached either directly to the building structure (studs in the case of wood construction), or to an intermediate layer of horizontal planks called sheathing.

  • Uniform and maintenance-free
  • Unlimited palette of finish colors to choose from
  • Abuse, impact and fire-resistant
  • Never needs to be painted or stained
  • Endures wet/dry and freeze/thaw cycles
  • Withstands extreme desert heat
  • Limited avenues for extensive creativity
  • Less natural appearance than brick or stone

All products installed by Tri-State Brickface & Stucco are maintenance-free. However, if you want to maintain an absolutely pristine appearance, you may want to occasionally perform basic cleaning to keep the dirt and dust away.

  • Maintenance Tip #1: Power wash your exterior finished product to remove any dirt, dust, etc. Power washing is typically only needed every few years, depending on your surrounding environment and your personal definition of dirty.
  • Maintenance Tip #2: Clean your window sills. If your window sills are dirty, dirt marks may show on the bottom portions of your stucco/molding. This can occur when rain drips into the window sill, and then runs down your exterior.
  • Maintenance Tip #3: Either have your gutters cleaned or install gutter screens to prevent buildup. If your gutters build up with debris, water can seep behind the exterior facade and cause structural problems.

If you’re a homeowner in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania and you’re interested in Vinyl Siding, call us today.

Vinyl Siding in NJ NY PA

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