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Does your home have stucco or EIFS? It will eventually need to be repaired. When properly installed, stucco can stay beautiful for a long time. Nevertheless, whether it’s traditional cement stucco or synthetic EIFS (which may require EIFS removal), even the best doesn’t last forever. These materials become weathered and worn over the years, especially when you’re living in the Tri-State area where all four seasons hammer on your home.

Although a hairline crack or a tiny mildew stain in your stucco may not be a cause for concern, larger gaps quickly become an aesthetic concern and there are too many potential issues if repairs are delayed. Damaged stucco could lead to irreparable damage to your walls, more expensive problems (like a rotting wood frame), and weakening of the home’s overall structure. That’s why for stucco homes, we recommend seriously considering repairs before any failed stucco worsens.

What is Stucco Repair?

Stucco repair refers to either the patching of deteriorated stucco, or full stucco replacement. Because stucco is such a rigid building material, it’s naturally prone to cracks and small holes. These issues are caused by various natural occurrences, such as settling of the home and harsh weather conditions, like wind, snow, and rain. Once a crack or hole appears, it’s only a matter of time before water seeps into the stucco and leads to more significant damage.

Stucco repair both prevents the damage from worsening and helps prevent damage in the future. Tri-State Brickface & Stucco will inspect your home to identify areas for repair, then repair your stucco cladding to like-new condition by filling cracks/holes, reapplying new stucco, and finishing the repair by color-matching the new stucco to your existing stucco. In the end, your home’s stucco will look good as new.

If your home is located in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania and you’re interested in a stucco inspection, Click Here to get started or call (877) 274-2500.

How can I tell if I need Stucco Repair?

If your stucco/EIFS cladded building has…

  • Clear signs of failing stucco (see tabs below)
  • Moldy, musty odor inside
  • Buckling wood floors
  • Mildew/mold on the drywall or the box band

Clear Signs of Failing Stucco

Wide cracks pose a problem because they allow water to seep underneath the stucco, leading to the development of mildew and further deterioration. Although cracks can develop anywhere in stucco, look for them in these most common locations:

  • Corners of doors and windows, and other areas where stucco meets other material
  • Chimneys where bricks or cement block outlines can be seen

You’ll be able to find cracks more easily when the stucco is wet (like after a rainstorm), because they take longer to dry than the uncracked stucco surface.

Don’t mistake a graying spot in your stucco for mere fading or discoloration; it may be caused by mildew. If you see any gray or black patches in your home’s stucco, you may very well be dealing with water damage caused by moisture seeping underneath the stucco. Look for tell-tale stains in your stucco in the most common places:

  • Bottoms of windows, especially at the corners
  • Ground/floor level (AKA the box band)
  • Above the patio or deck
  • Walls that don’t get much sun (and take longer to dry)

Bulges or bowes in the stucco are one of the most obvious signs that the stucco is failing, because these are seen when the stucco is pulling away from the home’s frame. Bulges are often accompanied by cracks. This is most often seen in:

  • Bottoms of windows
  • Ground/floor level
  • Above the patio or deck

Damaged stucco often falls off in small or large pieces. Look for missing chunks in these most common areas:

  • Ground/floor level (AKA the box band)
  • Anywhere wood framing begins/ends
  • Above the patio or deck
  • Tops of chimneys and foundation walls

If your home is located in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania and you’re interested in a stucco inspection, Click Here to get started or call (877) 274-2500.

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